WS1 – Pre-trial detention and its avoidance in law, literature and data

The Aim of Workstream 1 is to outline the field of interest in the participating countries. This includes descriptions of the legal situation including presentations and discussion of relevant literature. Pre-trial detention practice (in favor of or avoiding detention) will be described based on existing studies and available empirical data, but additional empirical knowledge will also be collected via observations of hearings and file analyses.

WS2 – Expert interviews

Focus of Workstream 2 is to gain in-depth insights into the practice of pre-trial detention and its avoidance. Interviews with experts facilitate the consideration of the views and needs of the judiciary concerning available alternatives.  Furthermore, other problems and obstacles may be addressed by the deciding authorities regarding the avoidance of pre-trial detention, which will also be explored

WS3 – International workshops and international conference

Workstream 3 is focused on the provision and exchange of information in regard to pre-trial detention within various national systems. The aim is to encourage communication between the participants in order to promote policies that might reduce the need for pre-trial detention overall. Through presentation and discussion, mutual knowledge and understanding will be fostered, producing long lasting results. Workshops will be conducted with the goal of deepening knowledge acquired during empirical research. The final, international, conference, while also an opportunity to exchange information, will concentrate on disseminating outcomes of the project and awareness-raising.

WS4 – Comparative report and manual on avoiding pre-trial detention

Part of Workstream 4 is to integrate all findings in a final comparative report. In this report, evidence-based conclusions on the use of pre-trial detention orders and on the application of measures to avoid pre-trial detention (including alternatives) will be outlined. Secondly, the project aims to contribute to developments supporting the reduction of pre-trial detention by developing a manual. The manual will deal with observed and identified obstacles regarding the avoidance of pre-trial detention. Furthermore, it will describe/suggest measures to overcome those obstacles, including alternatives to pre-trial detention and recommendations in this respect. An additional aim is to disseminate these documents among practitioners and thereby to support the distribution of knowledge, the development of awareness and mutual understanding.