Developing alternative understandings of security and justice through restorative justice approaches in intercultural settings within democratic societies

The overarching objective and expected impact of ALTERNATIVE is to provide alternative and deepened understanding based on empirical evidence on how to handle conflicts in intercultural contexts within democratic societies in order to set up security solutions for communities, which are carried by the active participation of the citizens.

ALTERNATIVE has at its core four intensive case studies (which mainly take the form of action research activities) built around, supported by and mutually feeding into three more theoretically oriented work packages and thus into the project as a whole. These different parts together are to produce a spectrum of theoretically grounded and empirically tested models of dealing with conflicts in intercultural settings by restorative justice (RJ) oriented processes. The theoretically oriented work packages deal mainly with alternative epistemologies of justice and security, with conflict and conflict resolution approaches, and with RJ models application and their relevance for European policies.

Project Period

Jänner 2012 to Jänner 2016

Project Leader

Christa Pelikan


Project Members

Katrin Kremmel