No. 3 Insecurities in European Cities

The “Local Report Vienna” aims at integrating the different stages and methodological approaches of the INSEC-project, and providing a sort of “condensed” version of essential contents. The core text, presented here as a “working paper”, presents and summarizes the most significant findings and conclusions that were derived from the empirical research, also relating them to the general theoretical approach of INSEC, and to some of the key concepts of contemporary scientific literature on insecurity, fear of crime and urban problems.

Of course this core text will not contain so many details and figures, and will be limited to sketching the Viennese findings and conclusions with a minimum of reference to the corresponding results that were obtained in the other European cities that participated in the project and obviously show that in spite of European integration and globalisation urban landscapes and discourses on insecurities and fears still differ in many respects.

More comprehensive and more detailed descriptions and analyses of the empirical data have been presented in several reports and appendices to the core text. Two of these reports, focusing on the qualitative branch of research in Vienna, and on Viennese prevention policies will be included in this series of  “working papers”.


Wolfgang Stangl